Guest gift for the kids birthday: cress in the pot

For smaller children, it is a nice touch that each guest child gets a little gift to say goodbye to the birthday child. Often it is bags with little toys or sweets that are presented.

A nice change, which makes the little ones a lot of fun, is the following idea:

You get small clay pots, one for each child. These are then painted together or otherwise decorated, z. B. stuck and labeled with names. When the pots are done, soil comes in and every child scatters cress seeds. These pots take the little ones home with them and soon marvel at how fast the cress grows.

Incidentally, older children are still happy about these bags ... then for girls z. B. may not be filled with sweets, but with lip gloss, lip balm or other small cosmetics.

How to Host a Proper High Tea | September 2020