Keep toilet paper rolls

Again, I want to demonstrate to you how you can create in a small apartment "storage space". This time on the "village".

I have my bathroom and toilet in one room and, as you may already suspect, like the rest of my apartment, very small.

The stocked toilet paper tower bothered me and became wet from the shower water regularly, no matter where I had placed it.

Now my idea was that he had to get away from the ground and there the wooden ceiling offered itself.

On a hook, which I screwed in on the ceiling, I hung up a large chain, "threaded" the individual rolls of toilet paper and pushed through the last chain link a rod, which holds the rollers.

So no boring plastic pack disturbs and the paper stays clean and dry. Also, I do not have to pick up toilet paper towers when cleaning.

Toilet Paper: Over or Under? | November 2022