Luffagurke - sponge cucumber

An ecological alternative to foam sponges is the Luffagurke / sponge cucumber. It is renewable, pollutes the environment neither during production nor during disposal. Pure nature.

The Luffagurke is actually an edible plant, but I know her only as a household sponge from Arab grocery stores. You cut them into handy pieces and can thus handle everything that needs to be cleaned in the home.

She is good ...

  • as a sponge (for cutlery, plates, pots, glasses)
  • for ceramic surfaces (tiles, basins in kitchen or bathroom)
  • For precious metal surfaces bare or brushed
  • for plastic surfaces (doors, cabinets, windows)
  • Glass (windows or mirrors, when it comes to removing dirt, not to blank rubbing)

... but you can also use them in personal hygiene

  • as a massage sponge
  • or for exfoliation

It can be used with or without additional cleaning agent. The rough surface of the Luffagurke dissolves the dirt without scratching. It adapts to any shape and removes the dirt from corners and cracks.

It is very durable, almost indestructible. From time to time I wash the 'cleaning cucumbers'? with other cloths in the washing machine. The "massage or peeling cucumbers? are washed with the towels together.

How Luffa Sponges Are Made | July 2020