Make Almond Oil Nourishing Cream

From my fund: so you can make almond oil nutrition cream yourself.

I used to make and mix all of my creams, masks, bath products, hair shampoos, hair dyes, body oils. The ingredients, such as I got liquor, melissa or rose oil from the pharmacy - synthetic oils from boutiques or Indian shops. Also, I had a lab thermometer, so I had the right temperature when heating, but I think you get it that way. There used to be television shows on Hobbythek with Jan Pütz. From this time come my recipes. It's a lot of fun to make everything yourself because you know what's inside. But since the creams contain no preservatives, they must be stored in the refrigerator and consume soon. It is best to remove the amount with a spachel, but never with your fingers.

And here is something from my stock: (but you have to invest some time and work)

Almond oil nourishing cream

10 g of beeswax
30 g of lanolin anhydride
50 sweet almond oil
40 g rose water
2 drops of rose oil or Gernium oil

Melt wax and lanolin on the boiling water bath in the high pot. Add the almond oil and heat to 60 degrees. Heat the rose water extra to 60 degrees. Remove from the fire and add rose water. Then start everything with the mixer on a small scale with the cold stirring. When the mixture is lukewarm, add the rose oil. Continue stirring until everything is cold. Now pour into a cream pot, leave to stand open, stir again and close.

This almond oil nutritional cream is applied thinly and is suitable as a day and night cream. It has a soothing and smoothing effect and is suitable for nervous and dry skin.

DIY Almond Cream | Skin Whitening & Anti-Aging Almond Cream | Remove Dark Spots & Pigmentation | May 2020