Melvin: wine from the melon


Preparation time: 15 min.
Total preparation time: 15 min.

When traveling in Chile, you can not get around this drink: "Melvin" is made up of melón (melon) and vino (wine). The white wine is sipped straight from the melon. Just the thing for a summer evening with friends. Very tasty!


  • a Gali melon, alternatively a honey melon is also suitable
  • a bottle of white wine? in Chile mostly cheap wine from the Tetrapak is used, the melon enhances it :)
  • Knife and spoon
  • drinking straw


  1. Cut the melon at the top (like a pumpkin). Remove the core housing with a spoon.
  2. Now scrape off the pulp in small pieces from the melon. Best in bite size!
  3. Top up the melon with the chilled white wine, stir briefly with a spoon. Straw in, done! For extra cool enjoyment you can still add ice cubes to the melon.

The fruit pieces absorb with wine and provide a fruity kick. If you want more pieces of fruit and wine, just scratch it with the spoon from the bowl. The melon is passed around in a circle and of course shared. When the melon is empty, refill with wine until the wine is empty or you have enough;)

Alternatively, you can also use champagne. I have already tested the variant and it tastes almost as good!

Bottom up! (or in Spanish: Chin Chin!)

Melon Con Vino (Honeydew Melon & Wine ) | December 2022