Pimple away through tea tree oil in the cream - endurable smell

I have already read many tips about / with tea tree oil and wanted to pass on my personal tip.

The smell of tea tree oil was always a pain for me and that's why I refused to treat my blackheads and pimples with it for a long time (even when my doctor recommended me tea tree oil).

Now I have found - for me - the perfect solution. I got myself a small cream jar in the pharmacy (gabs free, just ask, they usually have a red lid) and I dripped in 6 drops of tea tree oil.

Now some of your favorite cream (with me Nivea) and mix vigorously. Now when I cream myself, I always take a gaaaaanz small (!) Amount from this jar and the rest of the normal cream box.

If I practice that way, my impurities have become much less. Try it :)