Plant soil ready to hand in flower pots / flower pots

Well ... already transplanted, repotted, room and bucket plants supplied with new earth?

Mostly I get several sacks of potting soil, because my strong hands help me and this must of course be exploited. In Kübel and Co. fits in more than you think so, and often the newly purchased earth is just enough.

Remains of torn bags I fill, if too much bought, in empty, suitably large flower tubs - one or more - a. Often, after potting, small pots are left empty or you use other beautiful containers such as planters, baskets, tubs, etc.

These are equipped with small flowerpots, depending on the season also shorter-lived ones. Simply put on top of the filled soil of the tubs, preferably close to each other. To do this, push the pots a few centimeters deep into the soil of the bucket. If the bucket is big enough, you can put a lot into it, swap it, rearrange it. Just make sure that the water and light requirements of the selected plants are about the same.

The plants have so, although in the small pot, through the soil of the bucket the possibility to draw irrigation water, because you can water the whole thing like a large container plant and it does not have to be specifically cast. Residual water flows down anyway.

At the same time, if necessary, you always have fresh potting soil, which does not stand out visibly. If necessary, fill up the bucket again after removal of soil and / or bring it to the old level with large stones / potsherds.

Flower Pots, - Hand Painted Spanish Garden Pots from Cactus Canyon Ceramics | May 2021