Room fragrance - homemade - without artificial additives

Homemade room fragrance without artificial additives. With rosemary, lemon and vanilla. Unfortunately, now comes the time again, where during the day the windows are usually closed. So that it still smells good, here is my tip:

Fine room fragrance made by yourself!

Instead of buying one of the many room fragrances, with innumerable ingredients, some of which are harmful to health, you can quickly create a wonderful room fragrance using natural ingredients:

In a potty with about 500 ml of boiling water, add a sliced ​​lemon, some sprigs of rosemary and some vanilla-flavored oil. As an alternative to the vanilla aroma oil, you can also simply add a previously scraped vanilla pod.

The longer you simmer the ingredients, the more intense the scent becomes. Just put the pot on a warmer and you save energy!

Synthetic Fragrance Dangers and the Best Natural Alternatives | Reduce Toxins in Your Home | May 2024