Self-adhesive clamp for shower curtain

I found this self-adhesive clamp by accident. And immediately bought 3 of them and glued to the wall (previously tiled and dried). Because the splash on the shower curtain was a problem in my bathroom.

It is so small that only fits a mini bathtub and in front of the shower curtain hangs. At the side where the water spurted out, I firmly anchored the curtain with the 3 clamps. Curtain can be easily pulled out and pulled in and still he is stuck. Shower curtains have the great advantage that they do not calcify like the glass doors and they do not interfere with cleaning.

The clamp on the photo was marked in blue so you can see it at all. In nature, it is milky.

Croydex Straight Shower Curtain Rail | Screwfix | May 2024