When and how to wash clothes

Tip 1

Collecting laundry. It is not always necessary to wash everything every week. Well, a coat hook on the balcony, if you have one, to air the things that only mellow, once. The humidity over night, "ironed out" a few creases out, if you have previously knocked out the clothes. So you can wear them twice, without "it stands out".

Tip 2

90 degrees are out. It is not always automatically thicker when the underpants pinch. Even underwear gets along with three to four 40 ° washes, if she does not suffer from skid marks. It is sufficient to wash the laundry at 60 ° every six weeks, better still when needed. It is important to inquire about the degree of water hardness. If he is 3-4 (very hard), it is basically important to throw a Kalklösertab in the washing machine - it does not have to be outrageously expensive Calgonit - it is also cheaper from Schlecker, Aldi or elsewhere.

A hot tip is to do a shot of vinegar essence instead of a fabric conditioner, especially in white laundry, in the final rinse. He strikes the lime out of the laundry and keeps the machine fit. And do not worry - it does not smell. If you have a dryer, you do not need a fabric softener.

Tip 3

Mother-made wool socks for Christmas?

a) One wears them anyway only if the girlfriend is not there in the evening.

b) They hate 60 degrees of laundry.

Wool socks can be placed in the sun, shaken out and put on again. If you do not use the socks for floor cleaning, this treatment is completely sufficient. In winter, one or two hours on the heater, then they are fresh again. Otherwise at 40 ° in the washing machine, with the other sweaters in the wool cycle. Do not fling - the sweaters also not.


always wash sets, if the sheets are different color, they should be washed separately. One set is enough to fill a machine. Again, 40 ° is usually sufficient - protein spots like something hotter * grin * - so the laundry is changed every 14 days. A few t-shirts in similar colors and the machine is sufficiently filled.

For the eco-steaks among you:

Unfortunately, Indian soapnuts are useless, the laundry simply turns sour under the lack of surfactants. That's because our garments were treated with optical brighteners at the time of purchase. Baking soda and soapnuts, are not compatible. Anyone who does not value radiant white is well advised, at least from an ecological point of view, with soap nuts.

Dirt stains:

Skins in the underwear - blood? Generally pretreat with enzymes. In the past there were those at Spinnrad, now in well-stocked health food stores or on request, in pharmacies. Soaked one night (no matter if white or colored laundry) and the stains are solved so far that they are clean with a load again. There is no need for any other super special spot remover à la Vanish Oxi-Action.

Who wants to get white laundry to lightning, who takes soda - to buy in every drugstore, for an Appel and an egg. And those who can not buy an enzyme will shed a little bit of a curd soap and pour it over with a little bit of hot water. This high-dose lye can be taken directly as a stain remover or used with water for soaking. An effective remedy for organic stains.

How To Hand-Wash Clothes (The Right Way) | Basics | Better Homes & Gardens | December 2021