Helix defense with eggshells

I've been fighting slug plague for a long time simply, but very effectively and environmentally friendly:

Since I cook and bake a lot, I also consume many eggs. I collect the egg shells in a transparent bag and let them dry. When they have dried, I close the bag and crush the egg shells with my hands. Then I sprinkle the eggshell crumbs on the ground or the snail paths.

Believe me, all snails are guaranteed to go ragged * g *, they do not like it, because the fact is that the eggshells - no matter how small they are - are so sharp that the snails would hurt themselves if they crawl over it So you better stay away!

The egg shells can of course also be used as a flower / plant fertilizer.

One more tip: just take shells of raw, uncooked eggs!

Snail Uses It Shell To Defend Itself | March 2023