Aphids III, wasp control

In the garden, the sudden, massive occurrence of aphids on ornamental shrubs, roses, peach, nectarine and other fruit trees is successfully fought with the following cheap, non-toxic "biosolysis":

Add 4.5l of water, 0.5l of 5% vinegar and a few drops of detergent (wetting agent) to the 5l syringe. For apple trees 0.3l vinegar to 4.7l water. For tender leaves (new shoot) you should start with a less strong solution and watch the leaves if they do not burn. Particularly heavy infestation requires a repetition of the injection, especially the underside of the leaves (peach) must be neatly wet.

As a precaution, all ant nests should be destroyed under peach trees or ant powder should be sprinkled close to the stem. Totally biologically pure, instead of the ant powder, a small mesh bag with sawdust in the branch fork can be attached to the trunk. Earwigs settle there and kill the aphids. This method requires patience, it takes a little longer.

This spray solution is also ideal for destroying small wasp nests: With the extended syringe from a safe distance the nest neatly "soak". The wasps fall to the ground within a few seconds, curve and are unable to fly. After a few minutes, they can recover. Therefore, the insects lying on the ground (with good footwear!) Must be trampled.

Dealing With Aphids: Pest Control Tips & How To Protect Your Plants | August 2021