Attach back cushions to the wall without drilling

How do I fix the back cushions, over my bench, in the kitchen without damaging the wall?

That was my problem and I solved it the following way.

In haberdashery departments there are leather coat hangers with brass eyelets for sale.

On the picture you can possibly recognize that I have chosen a "compressed nail", that is a nail without this flat round head. He is very inconspicuous and still holds well.

The nail length I have chosen with 3.5 cm.

Of course, this depends on several factors:
- The texture of the wall
- Your power to hit the nail
- The weight of the hammer, e.g. a 400 gram hammer should not be missing in any household.

Now measure the distance between the pillow loops, if necessary use a spirit level, so that it is straight.

Carefully mark the dots with a pencil.

Knock on the coat hanger, carefully pull through the loops, knot, done.

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