Rum pot and punch homemade

Retro is something of hip? Highest time to reintroduce this with drinks. Whether rum in winter or fruity punch in summer: these drinks provide a delicious treat all year round. The younger generation will hardly remember the excitement when Mutti (yes, she asks, after that) started the rum pot in May or June with the strawberries from her own garden. And then already in the summer, the anticipation of the first Advent, where traditionally this? could. Or the summer pleasure of a fruit punch. That's not stuffy, that's delicious! Just try it out and form your own opinion.

Rumtopf make yourself

Traditionally, a Rumtopf is set in the late spring / early summer with strawberries. Then come gradually to seasonal fruits. Very simple and guaranteed a success in observing a few principles.

You need

  • A 5-liter earthenware jar with a lid that closes quite well. A rum pot likes to ripen in the dark, otherwise the fruit will lose its color unsightly. The well-closing lid is mandatory, because the stupid fruit flies come through the smallest gap! If you have a shaky feeling, wrap cling film around the lid gap. If you do not want to buy a special rum pot for starters, you can use a large mason jar with a wire clip to wrap aluminum foil around.
  • A place where the Rumtopf can store cool and dark, preferably in the basement.
  • fruit
  • 54% rum? the percentages are important, otherwise the rum pot can ferment or mold.
  • Sugar (again, never save, which is just as important for preservation as the alcohol)


The recipe: Mix 500 g strawberries, preferably chopped, with 500 g sugar and let stand until the sugar has dissolved. Then pour into the rum pot and pour in rum until the strawberries are well covered. Take care that the fruits do not get airborne? Therefore best put a pot lid or plate on it. And please take care that you get the plate back out of the pot;)

Now add more fruits in the course of the year? but then only with half the amount of sugar. Possible: apricots, peaches, cherries, plums, mirabelles, pears, pineapple. Always add rum.

Blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants should be avoided, they can be rock-hard.

On the 1st of Advent traditionally the rum pot is tasted. A little vanilla ice cream and then: Enjoy!

Make punch yourself

With a? Right? Fruit punch are usually marinated for a few hours with a higher alcohol content, then poured for serving with champagne and / or wine. If you like it a little easier, halve the amount of wine and sparkling wine and add carbonated mineral water. And if you prefer the non-alcoholic version, add a little sugar to the marinade (so that the fruits will be nice to pull juice), possibly suitable herbs such as mint or lemon balm and used to infuse alcohol-free sparkling wine or fruit juice with mineral water. The important thing is: It has to be cold! A warm punch does not taste. Here are some classic recipes:

Strawberry punch

Marinate the chopped strawberries with some Cointreau and fresh mint leaves. Infused with ice-cold white wine and sparkling wine.

Melon punch

What makes you, if you take different colored melons and sting louder little balls? so for example red watermelon, orange Cantaloupe and the rather greenish-pale nettle melon. Marinated with rum (vodka goes too) and definitely mint. If you add a few lime wedges, you will end up with a kind of mojito melon punch! Fill with white wine and sparkling wine.


The poor drink has become so discredited? but wrongly! Take oranges, lemons, apples, peaches or nectarines (the latter two can also be canned), peel and mince them, and marinate the fruit salad with 2 tablespoons of sugar, orange liqueur, brandy, lemon and orange juice. Just before serving fill up the sangria with dry red wine and mineral water.


Allow fresh woodruff to wither (only then does it develop the typical taste) and let it steep for a maximum of 30 minutes in white wine. No longer, otherwise all guests will sleep at the table afterwards. Add a dash of elderflower syrup and top with white wine and sparkling wine.

Last but not least: the cold duck

Nobody knows why the punch is called, actually it is a white wine champagne spritzer. Ice-cold white wine with ice-cold sparkling wine, lemon zest, finished. Anyone who is completely wild is giving a few more leaves of lemon balm. And then: for the good!

The Ultimate Rum Punch. | August 2021