Beans Plaki - a delicious Greek dish


Preparation time: 15 min.
Cooking or baking time: 30 min.
Total preparation time: 45 min.

Beans Plaki - not just for meat lovers. Vegetable dishes are extremely popular throughout Greece.

Some vegetables can not be processed raw as salads, e.g. Beans. Nevertheless, it can conjure up a delicious dish - the Hellenes, call hot and cold food, Plaki.


For 4-5 servings

  • 1 kg of green beans
  • 2-3 onions
  • 4 tbsp breadcrumbs
  • Savory and parsley
  • 1 lemon or lime
  • Pepper salt
  • olive oil


  1. Green beans - either defecate or crush beans or flat beans, break into pieces or cut, and blanch briefly.
  2. Have you never heard of blanching? Then I explain that briefly. Vegetable is briefly poured into boiling water, taken out and cooled with ice water. So pre-treated green vegetables retain the appetizing green color.
  3. So on: Peel 2-3 onions, cut in half and cut into cubes or rings. Squeeze out a lemon or lime.
  4. Chop a few stalks of savory and smooth parsley. Roast breadcrumbs in olive oil.
  5. Now layer the prepared beans with the onions and herbs in a fireproof mold, sprinkle with roasted breadcrumbs, season with pepper and salt and add 2 cups of hot water. Close the mold and cook in the oven for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, the preparation on the stove is possible.
  6. Allow to cool and then add the chopped leaf parsley again. The final taste is only now, because the taste changes after cooking. For this you use olive oil, lemon juice, possibly a pinch of sugar, pepper, salt.
  7. If something is left over after thorough tasting, it can be served.
  8. Grilled lamb chops or souvlaki taste good. Who wants to Keftedes, faces a Hellenic meatball opposite.