Breakfast egg in mason jar


Preparation time: 10 min.
Cooking or baking time: 7 min.
Total preparation time: 17 min.

From time to time there is an egg of a special kind for breakfast. Since some small mason jars were around, we converted a recipe from a cooking show something. The egg is cooked in a small mason jar, so to speak, and according to your own ideas, small extra treats are added. Spoon and enjoy. I show here three variants.


  • for a glass: 1 egg of size M to L or 2 small eggs of size S.
  • Variant 1: Herbs as desired, spring onion rings, tomato cubes, herb bits
  • Variation 2: Salmon strips, caviar, a little dill mustard sauce, dill or fennel herb
  • Variation 3: ham cubes, Parmesan slicer, herbs and sweet mustard

It is still needed:

Weckgläschen small 60 ml size with the buckles, the gums are not needed for this purpose. In addition a pot. You can also steam the glasses.


For a glass you need an egg of size M to L or two small eggs of size S. These are broken open in a glass.

Now, various ingredients can be layered in small appropriate amount and size to match the glass with an egg. Spices like salt and pepper at will. So the fantasy is nothing in the way. Just fill with the raw egg the small ingredients in the glass at three quarters of a height. Then close the glass with its lid and two buckles.

The jars are placed in a pot so that they do not fall over in the cooking water. So choose a suitable size of the pot. Take so much water that the jars are just under half in the water. When the pot is covered, the jars are then boiled for about 5 to 7 minutes with boiling water. When lifting the hot glasses I use two forks and lift them out on the buckles. Lid off and arrange.


I've put on some deferred fresh ingredients afterwards, then it looks prettier.

How liquid the egg-meal, then should be, you can make out for yourself with the cooking time.

It is always suitable for breakfast with bread or just to dab. Also funny with guests, if you arrange a plate of ingredients and everyone fills his own glass.

How to Cook an Egg with a Mason Jar Lid | Mason Jar Egg Food Hack | January 2024