Christmas song for those in a hurry

It is supposed to happen that some people are running out of time before Christmas. So that these people can still sing the beloved old Christmas carols, here is the "Christmas carol for those in a hurry". It's not from me, I just think it's funny.

You sing it to the tune of "Oh Tannenbaum".

1. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how green are your leaves.

Up from the sky, here I come, I bring you good new Mar.

At the Christmas tree, the lights are festively burning on the Christmas tree.

2. Your little one, little girl, it's a rose.

Maria went through a thorn forest, ringing bell sounds klingelingeling.

Oh, quiet night, oh holy night, there comes a ship loaded.

3. Up from the sky, here I come, the lights on the Christmas tree.

Let us now be happy and joyful, O Joseph, my dear Joseph.

Open the door, the door goes wide, in Dulci jubilo - oh!

I hope you have a sense for this cheeky "Quodlibet".

I wish you all a Merry Christmas with a lot of beautiful music and harmony.

"Hurry Christmas" from Christmas Hang-ups! | August 2020