Collect pine cones - make Christmas pyramid

The idea came to me while I was in the forest with my dog.

Now at this time of year many beautiful, big and small pine cones fall from the trees. You can now collect them for the Christmas deco. It works, if you go with the dog Gassi or on a Sunday walk. Take a large plastic bag or better a cloth bag. It is more permeable to air and can be salvaged until the crafting event filled with pine cones in the basement.

Other ingredients:

1 roll of thin flower wire,

real or artificial fir branches and / or other Christmas decorations, which one has at home or can buy.

1 large round plate made of metal, glass, plastic or porcelain,

Collecting moss in autumn / winter outside in the forest or buy it in the craft shop,

and possibly artificial snow in the spray can,

Hot glue.


Cover the plate with moss, 5 pieces of pine cones together with the flower wire and place in the middle of the moss. Arrange around these cones, further cones with the flower wire and lay around the middle cones. Bind further cones for the next round until the plate is so far covered with the moss base that only 1-2 cm of edge remain on the outside. The edge should be, so that you can later lift the plate properly with your hands and put it in the desired place.

On the lower pine cones are now more pine cones exactly as previously tied together with the flower wire and placed on the lower pin. But not to the outer edge of the lower pin, but pyramid-shaped. Depending on the size of the plate and the pine cones you can put 4, 5, 6 layers of cones on top of each other. So that the finished pyramid does not fall apart, always glue the upper layers of the pins with a little hot glue on the lower layer.

The upper layer can be placed in a circle so that in the middle of the pin circle so far remains open, so you can put a thick candle into it.

From the outside you can now equip the pin pyramid with real or artificial fir green and or the other Christmas decorations that you have or would like to buy. You can spray the pyramid with artificial snow from the tin when it is ready. Unfortunately, I can not show a photo, because I have to tinker with the Christmas pyramid later.

If you have any questions, you can contact me or ask me in the forum.

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