Crochet a "cave" for the cat

A "cave" for the house lions: Ideal for cats who like to crawl - crocheted from tailored strips of Atkleidern.

Actually, I came across this idea when visiting a craft market. There I saw something made in felt.

I then put the whole thing into action with discarded old clothes that match color well. I have taken those that are unsightly or heavily roughened. Discarded jersey sheets are also very suitable.

The best materials go, which stretch and do not fray. I worked it up about six old clothes. These were cut into 2.5 cm wide strips, it is ideal here if you cut the garment around, because it should indeed long strips of fabric. Otherwise you would have to crochet these constantly. This will give you a bit thicker places, which should be avoided if possible, wherever possible.

You could also sew the strips together, that works too. I crocheted with a 70's needle. Now you make a basket with about 50 cm in diameter. The cat should fit in comfortably.

I'm assuming that someone who works on such a job knows how to crochet a basket. Therefore, I will not explain this process, because otherwise the tip would be too long otherwise.

As you can see on the picture, I released a big enough hole, which was strengthened with a wire and crocheted. Thus, the entrance to the basket remains stable open. Simply cut a stainless wire of suitable length. If it is a bit too fine, cut off several lengths, overlap and twist slightly. Then bend it, hold it to the crochet piece and crochet.

In addition, I have a stable, coated, about 3 mm thick iron rod, suitably bent, which I put into the basket. So the blanket stays nice and stable.

How to Crochet a Cat Bed House Bag O Day Crochet Tutorial #289 | June 2020