Deburr fish fillet quickly

For some people very uncomfortable: fishbone fishbones. Although you can remove the bones with a pair of pliers, but sometimes it must be fast, at e.g. many guests or cook under time pressure.

Place the fish fillet on a cutting mat with the skin side. Now with the index finger "against the grain" over the fillet. Bones are always kept in the fillet when filleting the fish. Now put a sharp knife behind the last felt bone and cut forwards in a V-shape. The filet is now bone-free and is also good for our little fish fans; o)

One more tip: If a fishbone gets stuck in your throat, immediately chew a slice of dry brown bread and swallow as dry as you can! Sauerkraut goes too. In case of doubt immediately to the doctor!

Best Time To Remove Burr or Wire Edge | October 2020