Decorations from old music and video cassettes

Many still have old videocassettes or even music cassettes in a dark corner of the cellar, and these become small decoration items in the blink of an eye (in the truest sense of the word, if you look at the photos of the individual work steps).

  1. You can easily pull out music cassette tapes by hand, you have to screw on videocassettes first and then unwind the tape.
  2. This is now wrapped over four fingers of the hand, where I have previously laid between the index and middle finger a band with which I later knot the bands together. A helping hand is an advantage.
  3. When enough cassette tape has been wound up, tie the wound up tight with the binding tape in between and pull it off the hand.
  4. Now the ends are cut in shape on both sides and the "pompom"? plucked rightly.
  5. Who likes it more colorful than lacquer black or brown, can still wrap colored gift ribbon (curling ribbon).

I thought the idea was funny, I did it right away and I'm excited about the Bömmelchen.

The other photos illustrate something the operations.

3 DIY crafts from Old Cassette Tapes | June 2024