Get to know cities cheaply - use Tourist Card

Not everyone keeps it out in the usual environment, a bit of variety and maybe, culture harms the few contemporaries.

Many cities have a special offer for visitors, Welcome Card - Tourist Card, these are a few common names for a cheap bundled package of discounts on ticket prices, transport and also in the catering.

Actually, I thought these cards should be purchased and used only by visitors, but was better informed, even as a local you can use this package.

Inquire about what is offered in your own city. Especially for companies with several people, the offer is e.g. in Trier, Berlin, Essen, D-village, Bielefeld, Hamburg unbeatable.

Anyone who intends to attend a theater performance, this ticket is well worth it, have fun exploring the possibilities.

How to Get Around Madrid on a Budget | Madrid Metro Pass, Map, and Tickets | Frolic & Courage | May 2020