Pensioner card brings financial benefits

Do you also ask yourself what your pensioner card, which you received as an investment together with your pension notice, can be used at all?

Most assume that the pensioner card is only for presentation to the authorities. But this is not the case. Because as a retiree you have with your pensioner card - but also with the severely disabled card some advantages that you can use when you present it, for example, during your purchases or visits to the theater, opera, or cinema at the coffers.

Other benefits and reductions are also available in public transport, rail or airlines.

However, if you want to benefit from the discount, it is important to always check all your purchases, events or trips to see if and how much discount you can get as a retiree or as a severely disabled person. Unfortunately, most companies, tour operators or travel companies do not point out possible discounts.

A small selection of discount givers to help you save money

BahnCard 50:

Whoever has them, gets 50 percent off all tickets to more distant destinations. Pensioners receive the BahnCard 50 in addition to half cheaper.

Example Düsseldorf: Schauspielhaus, German Opera, Theater and Cinema:

Many theaters and cinemas offer reduced rates for retirees and severely handicapped people. At the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, there is a reduction of up to 50 percent of the normal price on presentation of the pensioner's card or a severely handicapped ID card.

The Deutsche Oper am Rhein also offers recipients of unemployment benefits and people with basic benefits in old age and people with a disability pension a reduction of 50 percent.

Travel Events:

When traveling, there are often discounts for retirees. The Deutsche Rheinschifffahrt AG (KD) offers passengers from the age of 60 years reduced rates of up to 30 percent on all scheduled services.

Restaurants and restaurants:

Often there are also discounts for retirees and seniors in restaurants and pubs. For example in the form of a pensioner's meal? (also called children's plate). The food is not different, there are only smaller portions, since for many older people the? Normal portions are often too large.


With the 68.35 Euro Bären-Ticket of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Rhur seniors from the age of 60 can use the S-Bahn, regional trains and regional expressions anytime and first class. Accompanying persons can be transported free of charge in the 1st car class.

Again, there are discounts:

Savings banks, banks, zoos and botanical gardens, libraries and libraries, cinemas, swimming pools, saunas, telephone companies. Depending on the severity of a disability further benefits (disability discounts) can be claimed.

But beware!

Reductions for retirees and severely handicapped are often at the discretion of the organizer or operator - a statutory right to discounted admission rates you have unfortunately not as pensioners or severely disabled.

That is why: It is best to inquire early about the exact ways to save money. In some cases, there will only be a discount if there is a severely disabled ID card.

So: Find out in your community where there are perks. Do not be shy to ask for discounts for retirees and / or severely handicapped people.

Because one thing is certain: asking does not cost anything!

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