"Gsulzde Brodgeschscht" - Franconian bratwurst

"Gsulzde" is a popular cold specialty here in Franconia, which is very popular especially in summer. Sunshine, a cold beer and "Gsulzde Brodgeschscht" - Franconian bratwurst - that's heaven for the Franks. You expect one pair of sausages per person, for good eaters you take three (pieces, not a pair!). The best are coarse Frankish sausages, but it also funzt quite well with the little "Nurembergers" (three small Nuremberg sausages are roughly equivalent to a "normal" bratwurst). First fry the sausages brown and let cool completely. In the meantime boil a strong broth (instant broth is enough, but who likes and wants to do the job, can also like to cook a "real" broth) and season with salt, pepper, vinegar and Maggi. Strong, almost "over-seasoned" and sour it should taste, cooled (and a Sulz is now cold) the liquid loses a lot of flavor. In the still hot broth previously soaked gelatin dissolve (according to the amount of liquid). Now, let's start: pour a so-called "mirror" into a sufficiently large mold (that is, pour some liquid into the mold that just covers the floor). Freeze in the fridge. Place the sausages on the now fixed "mirror", pour in the semolina solution and allow to solidify again in the refrigerator. Then place the "garnish" on: pickled gherkins, mixed pickles, tomato paprika from the glass, slices of hard-boiled egg, etc. Pour with a little broth (otherwise the garnish will float), allow to solidify, add liquid to the rest and solidify again. That's it. If you want to topple the finished brawn, you should roll up the work from the back: pour "mirrors", let set, garnish, solidify, bratwursts etc. You can also prepare the brawn in portions in deep plates, but you will need plenty of room for several people in the fridge or a very cold cellar with enough space. The "Sulz" also tastes very good instead of sausages with cold roast or sliced ​​Stadtwurst (meat sausage). To forestall any comments: the way I made the Sulz is done by the butchers; with instant broth and Maggi. (Please, no Maggi discussions, the topic has long been dead-talk!) To taste fried potatoes or baked potatoes very delicious, but mostly enough us Franks to a piece of farmhouse bread. I wish you good appetite, in good Franconian: "Meal!"