Home remedies for colds

Cold Goodbye, quiet night! Only over 16 years! This home remedy has been given to us by our mum earlier, but since it contains alcohol, it is probably more applicable but only from a certain age.

You fill a cup with 2 - 4 cl of rum, squeeze the juice of a lemon, pour the cup with hot water and stir it with about 5 teaspoons of sugar.

Then it is best to lie down in bed, muck up warm, drink the brew - which, thanks to the sugar, does not even taste bad and neatly cleansed - and soon you fall into a deep, firm sleep while you sweat out the complete cold.

Has always helped me and my sisters and at least is a tormented by a coughing and snuffy nose before a relaxing night.

Fight the Common Cold | UPMC HealthBeat | December 2022