How to get 40s pillows with 80s covers - without "fabric sausage"

I have pillows of size 40x80, but all current bedding sets are equipped with a pillowcase size 80x80. If you want the set with the smaller pillow, it is either not offered or costs a little more. Likewise at the thought of buying an extra pillow - that goes right into the money.
I'm a prince sweetheart on the pea and like to have everything in bed very smooth, without crumbs and sausages, on which I would have to lie. That's why I do it with my pillows like this:

I put the pillow in the cover, the lower half is then empty. I grasp the two lower corners of the cover and push them inwards until the lower corners are in the upper corners of the cover. Pull everything smooth, turn it over - ready and great!

To make that even more nearly understandable, I have made a few pictures ...

Pillbox Hat Tutorial | May 2022