Simply clean small potatoes

Small potatoes can be easily cleaned with the rough side of a (new) sponge.

In the shop I have seen the small cartoons weeks ago, but now it is in grandma's garden so far ... dig up, look forward and then go to sorting ...

The "mini-ladles" are ideal for fried potatoes (!) You do not have discs that decay or turn black, because the small rounds you can swing great in the pan.

Previously, I washed the potatoes, precooked and then peeled, which is a true "detention work" with the size of a thumb tip.

Today I washed it first and then I went with the rough side of a (NEW) sponge under the pot lying in the pot (with water in the pot) "..." (small pot, like a saucepan but slightly higher).

The bowl of the cartoons became thin and thin and with simple circular movements ... Have taken 3 times new water and given the "used" the flowers.

Now the potatoes are only surrounded by a soft skin and I could save me the annoying pellen.

If you also like to eat the "Minnies", this tip may help you save time and nerves ...

Garlic Baby Potatoes | July 2024