Freeze herbs - Now fast - and save

Still you get quite cheap fresh herbs on the market. Get quick access before they become EVEN more expensive. I always buy a giant shrimp parsley, dill, etc. and freeze the herbs.

After all, yes, the frozen goods available in the supermarket is much more expensive.

Wash herbs thoroughly. Let dry on kitchen paper. Peel off leaf green (possibly cut into coarse stems, freeze separately and use as seasoning for soups, sauces etc.) and do not chop too finely. Not too fine because the leaves are crushed by mincing.

I like to do it with a knife or with a sharp kitchen knife. In the electrical appliances, the herbs are usually crushed and I do not like that. In addition, they then freeze to a lump together.

The hacked Herbs can fill in suitable small frozen containers, can also be a glass with screw cap. Label on it, label with waterproof felt-tip pen, write the date (I'll do all the food I freeze).

If the herbs are not squeezed, but nice and loose, you can spoon them as needed. Close the rest quickly and return to the freezer, so that the rest does not thaw.

If I have some fresh herbs again, I can easily refill the can with it. It is only important that the frozen chain is not interrupted, otherwise the herbs are mushy and the portion-wise removal is no longer possible.

How to Freeze Your Fresh Herbs | July 2020