Make the fascinator yourself

A fascinator is a mostly worn on the side headdress / jewelry, either attached to a strap or a clasp. It can be worn on all sorts of festive occasions (or depending on how conspicuous it is designed, even at carnival time). There are many ways to make a fascinator yourself, here I introduce my variant:

You need:

  • solid felt
  • scissors
  • about 1.5cm wide rubber band (haberdashery)
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Decorative material to taste (lace, net, feathers, etc.)
  • possibly for reinforcement so-called Pfeifenputzer, these are wires that are sheathed with short fibers (craft shop)


  1. Cut the rubber band to the appropriate length and, if possible, join it together with the sewing machine (zigzag stitch) or by hand with many small stitches so that you get a well-fitting headband.
  2. Cut two identical elongated shapes (to taste, such as oval, leaf shape, etc.) from the felt. Stick the top mold on the hair band, the under felt mold directly underneath. Now the basic form of the fascinator has already been created: a headband with a large shape of felt.
  3. Decorate the felt as desired, i. stick with the hot glue gun. If you use mainly feathers (mine were from the grouse and guinea fowl), decorate them best from the outside of the form to the inside so that the feathers overlap nicely.
  4. To stabilize pieces of the pipe cleaners can be glued to the underside of the felt piece. Thus, the felt piece can later be easily bent and adapted to the shape of the head.

How to wear the Fascionator:

For a festive occasion, it's a good match for the entire outfit, be it in color or in terms of the style of the jewelery, otherwise the outfit will quickly become overloaded. Even if you are quite tall, the fascinator should not be too high and sweeping.

At carnival is different, here it is always cuddling instead of spilling.

Look like a royal with these simple do-it-yourself fascinators | Your Morning | May 2021