My window cleaning formula - Clean windows & frames

Hello to all window cleaners. Whether voluntarily or not, everyone has to go to the windows. I too have always squeaked, especially since we lived on a main road. A few years ago we moved to a nice green corner, 11th Floor, magnificent view and no one can look, because we wanted to have no curtains on the windows. But every 4 weeks to clean windows? After many experiments, I have now found my personal gloss formula: I take a glass cleaner bottle, fill it about 3/4 with water and give a splash of vinegar and a splash of rinse (variety does not matter, only 'balsam' is not so great). Shake it, turn sprayer up and off you go. Well, I'm excited. And a little tip for free: once a year (with me in the spring) and the plastic frames are cleaned. I refrain from expensive special cleaners, scouring cream or the like. Pure Spüli and a simple household / kitchen sponge (soft side) are enough. Add Spüli to the Schwann and work directly on the window frame, if necessary, a sprayer from the window cleaning spray or a drop of water, if it is too dry. Wipe with a damp cloth, done. The frames are white, do not dull and almost look like new again. And now, off to the windows, get set, go.

How to Wash Windows Like a Pro | This Old House | May 2020