Recognize, assess and combat mold

Nobody wants to scare anyone here, but first of all: around 120,000 types of mold are known and described worldwide, but the actual number is estimated to be more than double.

And now the good news: very few species, for example, appear in our homes and are a real danger, help others heal (penicillin) or make cheese delicious. We recognize? or usually name mold according to the color in which it appears. However, this feature is irrelevant in a scientific determination. Therefore, the following description is also one in which the words "likely", "mostly?" and? possibly? happens often.

Dangers of mold

The danger of mold fungi is, on the one hand, that one inhales the mold spores, which can lead to respiratory tract irritation, allergic reactions (mycoallergosis) or, in the case of immunocompromised people, to a colonization of the body with the fungi (mycosis). On the other hand, there are some mold fungi that produce toxins that are dangerous for humans and can lead to symptoms of intoxication (mycotoxicosis). Most species (except for a few that are rare) are not a big threat to humans? if they occur in small quantities. However, if large areas are involved, then there is urgent need for action! In any case, one should avoid that one inhales mold spores, therefore also with the cleaning up of smallest surfaces avoid dust formation and wear respiratory protection!

Black mold

Is often called the most dangerous mold? designated. This is true only if it is Alternaria alternata. With his mycotoxin, he can cause respiratory distress, allergic symptoms, eye redness and make noses run. In fact, it is rarely found, because there are about 40 different types of black mold, but mainly based on food, some on wallpaper and walls. If you want to make sure that the evil Alternaria is not at work, you can obtain a special test in the pharmacy or on the Internet. Upon confirmation quickly get a specialist company!

Yellow mold

The curse of the pharaoh! Most of the yellow mold is Aspergillus flavus, which is suspected of being responsible for the archaeologists' deaths at the Tutankhamen tomb. A. flavus likes to grow on starchy foods and releases aflatoxins. The good: A. flavus is relatively rare with us due to our high standard of hygiene. The daredevil: Due to the yellow coloring, wall infestation is usually only recognized when it is strong and extensive.

Red white horse

Neurospora sitophila may be hiding behind red mold, and he loves grains and things that contain a lot of cellulose, like paper wallpapers. The red mold is the cause of many respiratory diseases in bakers, which is why he is also called Roter Bäckerschimmel.

Green mold

Aspergillus fumigatus is the most common mold worldwide. The toxin it produces weakens the immune system, other dangers are unknown (because not researched?). Unfortunately, Aspergillus fumigatus loves potting soil and is believed to be present in 60% of all potted plants. Therefore: Do not pour too much and do not put the pots on the heater. In case of obvious mold, change the potting soil.

Fight against mold

In case of acute infestation one can call a specialist company, but if it is not so much, then one accesses to 80% alcohol, to methylated spirits or to hydrogen peroxide. The work as well as finished mold remover, but are much cheaper. Vinegar, also concentrated Essigessenz, is less recommendable? Depending on the substrate, a kind of nutrient layer may also form for mold. Protect yourself when removing well with gloves, surgical mask and long-sleeved clothing. Under no circumstances sweep the mold dry or vacuum, the spores spreads evenly in the apartment!

The most important thing is to make life difficult for fungi: a mold needs warmth, moisture and nutrition. Since it is rather uncommon in a cold, bare apartment, it is best to work on the humidity: regular ventilation is the A & O of prevention. Buy now Fuginator joint brush orange / blue - Brush for joint cleaning in bathroom, kitchen and household, patented? Fuginator joint brush orange / blue - Brush for joint cleaning in bathroom, kitchen and household, patented? 9,99 ?

How To Remove Mold From Walls (Drywall) | August 2022