Renew silicone in the bath

Mold, moisture and dust leave the joints in the bathroom unsightly after some time. So you can renew it:

1. First, the old moldy silicone must be removed. The best way to do that is with a craft knife. It is important to ensure that the upper and lower edge is free of silicone residues. Lay the blade at an angle and slide over the surfaces (do not press too hard, otherwise scratches will appear on the tub).

2. Then we cleaned the joint thoroughly. We bought special plumbing silicone so that it does not happen again so quickly with the mold. The tip of the cartridge was cut obliquely with a cutter.

3. Then we closed the joint with the silicone. The smoother one works, the cleaner the result will be later. Press the slanted tip into the joint and pump out the sanitary silicone so that it slowly comes out of the joint and then pull the gun evenly.

4. "Peel off" the joint with a special silicone spatula. Spray the joint beforehand with smoother so that the silicone does not smudge. Then pull it off evenly with the spatula, spray the peeled joint again and smoothen it with your finger.

How To Remove And Apply Silicone To A Bathtub | April 2024