Rice pudding out of bed, according to the grandma method

I do not cook rice pudding often, but if it does, then use the grandma method. In the past you had the cooking boxes, but they are completely superfluous.

A nice warm blanket drapes around the - of course, clean, leakproof - pot does it just as well. You save a lot of energy and yes, also time! Because you do not have to stand by and keep stirring, so that nothing burns. It could not be simpler!

So: bring the milk to a boil (but you have to stay with it and stir), add rice pudding and bring to a boil. (I'm not sweet at this point, just add a pinch of salt.) Now off to bed (with the pot!). The rice is now swelling. Maybe go twice and stir.

After 2 hours or, as it suits, even longer, the rice pudding is ready, still warm and with sugar, cinnamon and applesauce always a treat!

Classic rice pudding - Mary Berry Everyday: Episode 5 Preview - BBC Two | January 2021