Shorten the thread curtain properly and use the remaining thread

Here are some tips for those who have bought a new thread curtain and still have to cut it and how to use thread remnants.

Hang the string curtain, pull it wide and unhook it for 1 day before shortening. Only then are the last kinks gone and you can work exactly.

For shortening do not use a normal, but a real scissors, if necessary, borrow. A scissors cut the threads much easier and better. The ends become straighter, do not fray so quickly, and also absorb dirt less quickly.

When cutting, it is worthwhile to place the cut ends parallel to each other, to collect and pick them up. From this you can make great things, e.g. same-colored holders, with which the thread curtain can be gathered, tassels, pompom ... and even very long ends even a carnival wig.

For the carnival wig:

Put on an old cloth bathing cap or disused T-shirt cloth cap on a wig holder (or an object of similar shape).

Prepare the filament bundle: Lay parallel 6 - 8 filaments as in chives cutting and bundle / fix the bundle at the "straight end" about 1-2 cm in front of the edge (take the clamp or wrap it with a wire or painter's crepe).

Then grasp the filament bundles at the fixed point (which is a little more stable / stiffer) and glue one bundle after the other with the hot glue gun onto the bonnet. Working from "approach", ie from the outer edge / down to the inside / above.

When all bundles have been glued, remove the fixations of the bundles again.

Cut threads into the desired shape or hairstyle, ready.

From the cut ends of our cream-colored thread curtain became in this way a coveted blonde wig that has proven to be indestructible and never needs to be combed.

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