Toilet roll holder becomes a hiding place for cables

I have always disliked visible cables, be it in the house or apartment or in the garden. Long before the invention of the cable ducts (?), I already had the possibility of hiding cables with little means over 40 years ago.

Now, it was about hiding a bunch of cables and connections for 3 outdoor illuminated water balls or hiding them so they would not be visible.

Every few months in every discounter every now and then the "Badwoche? and there you get u. a. Toilet roll holder at reasonable prices (especially if patience has and 3 weeks later strikes, if all the remnants of the actions are squandered at half price!).

I bought a toilet roll holder, in which the complete cable tangle can be concealed well. The holders are usually open vertically on one side, so that the cables can be led out laterally and not upwards, thus they are invisible.

I put this cable-filled toilet roll holder upside down behind the object in the immediate vicinity of the socket column and saved me / us the constant sight of a cable clutter.

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