Tripped chicken drumsticks breaded and fried


Preparation time: 40 min.
Cooking or baking time: 15 min.
Total preparation time: 55 min.

Many people like to eat Wiener schnitzel. For me, but tripped, breaded chicken legs taste better than the best Wiener Schnitzel and are also cheaper!

Trigger the clubs themselves (remove the meat from the bones) is, I believe, for a "normal"? Housewife difficult, or time-consuming and therefore done? The Turk of my confidence? this work for me. That goes with this ruckzuck. Maybe there are butchers who do that? I know no one here in Vienna, apart from the fact that there are fewer and fewer butcher shops.

I'll take the bones with me, because together with the skin and soup vegetables you can make an excellent chicken stock.

How breaded, may be known, but especially for young moms, I would like to announce the ingredients or preparation.


  • 4 triggered chicken legs (for 3 people) because you have to remember that when the bones are gone, not much meat is left. Of course, it depends on the hunger. But maybe, if you eat the soup beforehand, you will need 1 club per person
  • 3 eggs slightly flaky, there should still be some egg white visible - this results, with enough oil when frying, the slightly wavy breadcrumbs
  • 4 tablespoons flour
  • 4 large handfuls of breadcrumbs (if possible, stale bread rolls even medium coarse rub because, as I know, that - at least with my girlfriend in Dusseldorf available? Breadcrumbs? - far too finely grated to achieve a crispy breading)
  • 1 L of oil or more (depending on the size of the pan, the oil level should be as high as a thumb)
  • Salt pepper


  1. Remove the released chicken legs from the skin. I prefer to do it myself, because this is the only way to ensure that reasonably large, coherent pieces remain. Small pieces of meat can not always be avoided, but that does not detract from the taste.
  2. Now the meat is salted, lightly peppered and rolled in flour.
  3. After the floured pieces of meat have been pulled through the bubbled egg (the meat should be well wetted with the egg from all sides), it is sprinkled around with the bread crumbs. Place the meat on the heap of breadcrumbs and turn the meat in it several times.
  4. Please press the breadcrumbs only lightly - do not press firmly, otherwise the bread roll will be too hard.
  5. The oil should have gotten hot in the meantime. Shake the loose crumbs off the meat and put it in the pan.
  6. Now the meat is fried on medium heat for about 5 minutes on both sides until it gets a golden / light brown color.
  7. In between, pan the pan, or pour hot oil from the pan with a spoon on the top of the schnitzel. This also ensures the wavy surface. You will see how the banner is blowing? forms.
  8. Drain on kitchen paper and the food is ready to serve.


Should you fry a larger amount of schnitzel (please do not fry too much at once, otherwise the meat will turn unevenly brown or even) you can keep the food warm at about 80 degrees in the oven.

Important It should also be mentioned that the meat should be fried immediately after the breading, because by the moisture present in the meat, the breadcrumbs suck on it, are also wet and the bread with it so hard and not crunchy.

As a side dish I prefer mixed salad (maximum fries). Some like rice, but for me this is a no go to breaded schnitzel.

Rice is for me only a side dish for food with juice. But how much is that a matter of taste.