Use lemons and limes completely by freezing

Lemons are healthy. That is known. Less well known is that the whole lemon with shell, seeds and white inner skin is much healthier than just the pulp or the juice alone.

To get the full enjoyment, lemons are frozen and completely grated.

  • To do this, wash lemons from organic farming, rub dry and freeze unpackaged.
  • For processing, remove a frozen lemon from the freezer and quickly shave off the peel, white skin and pulp as far as possible.

As long as the lemon is still frozen, a large amount of pulp can be rubbed off, at the end it thaws and softens. The pulp residue is chopped small to the ground mass.

To protect the fingers from cold during processing, it is advisable to use a silicone pot glove to hold the lemon.

Thanks to this type of processing, no lemon peels are left over and the bitter substances of the white lemon skin also benefit the taste and health.

Although lemon peels are very well suited for Moroccan-style salt / oil, they usually have more fresh peels than there is a need for pickled salted lemon peel.

The grated lemon is suitable for lemon water, drinks, vegetable dishes, salads, grilled marinades and poultry dishes, to refine smoothies, fruit salad, cereals and for baking.

In the refrigerator, the lemon abrasion lasts about a week: but it can be frozen better (in portions). If necessary, it is thawed in no time.

How to Freeze Lemons | September 2021