Who is behind the no-name product? (Cheap product)

Who is behind the no-name product? Although already uuuralt, but I always like to point out:

On every so-called cheap product (and basically food) that you buy, you'll find a number that you can easily compare to a list on the internet that shows the true manufacturer.

Here in the example (I get the numbers not sharp, cell phone photo, I'm sorry), a very cheap yogurt, flavor and because he is stab proof, my favorite strain. Mug costs 19 cents.

DE NI 053

Looked over - Hochwald dairies. This number can also be found on "Nobel products" such as LC1, Luenebest or Nestlé.

Who to whom, there are all sorts of lists, where you can find the manufacturers of your products, no matter if meat, fish, drinks or dairy products.

In any case, I'm happy if I get my Corinthenkreii confirmed and know that I pay for good products, not for the name. Maybe the one or the other of you too.

Brand Name vs. Generic | May 2020