Also use the last drop of "empty" cooking oil bottle

If the bottle of cooking oil is empty and you also want to use the last remainder, you will of course wait a few seconds for the supposedly last drop of oil, gently shake it and then be sure that everything has run out of the bottle so that the bottle is disposed of can.

But if you put the apparently empty bottle upside down in the pan, which you want to use anyway, you can spend several minutes at different places, you will wonder how much residual oil is still in the bottle.

The oil in the photo is from two small bottles that I poured together in an oil can and in my opinion were already completely empty.

The spilled residual oil was almost too much for a "fry", as I had not expected this amount. It would have been enough for two roasts.

ESSENTIAL OIL TIPS: How to get the last drop & clean the bottle | July 2020