Baby bathing in olive oil

Baby bath with a dash of olive oil - good for the baby skin.

My best friend, one night called me very desperate and told me, her little one everywhere rash and she suspects that it comes from the cream or bubble bath.

Since I advised not to cream the little one, because the skin has a natural greasy film, and to bathe it in clear water with a splash of olive oil (commercially available from the REWE, citti ...). Two days later, she called again and lo and behold, everything disappeared as if by magic.

P.S. Do not take too much oil, because otherwise the little ones are as slippery as an eel.

Funny story:

My mother-in-law asked me if he did not smell, or if that was good (since I did it with my little one too), then I just said: Of course that's good, I'll do some salt and thyme pepper and then the child is ready to serve! You should have seen the facial expression ... of course it was just a joke and the little ones did not start to smooch.

Baby Massage | December 2020