Boulettes / meatballs in variations

There is hardly a reason to celebrate, where my boulettes do not go away like hot cakes. There are several reasons:


  • Of course, the taste (although some guests are nosing, but some Knobi is a must, as well as salt, pepper, hot peppers and onions of course).
  • They are beautifully juicy and easy, because they were not too small and the ingredients, such as onions, were not too finely cut. For the same reason I prefer Hackepeter for the meatball mass.
  • The basic dough can now vary with a lot of imagination. The fastest are always with finely diced mushrooms (the brown ones are more aromatic) or pepper cubes (preferably still different colors) plastered.
  • A cube of sliced ​​cheese as a "heart" also gives a great taste.
  • I just had the thought flash, that also ground hazelnuts, for example could make a very extravagant taste.
  • Or just take one finished spice mixture, e.g. for roast goose, and then quite suitable goose fat for frying - gorgeous!

If you like to eat meatballs, it's really fun to come up with something new again and again, and if you do not overdo it with the amount of new ingredients (still supposed to remind you of meatballs, grins), you'll soon be the king of burgers or the queen in family and circle of friends.

GIANT MEAT BALLS in Lebanon - Special KIBBEH Lebanese Food! | November 2022