Cleaning and care of glass ceramic hobs

Having a glass ceramic hob and cooking on it is a very nice thing. Actually, one would think that this is also easy and easy to clean.

But sometimes it does not seem that easy when something has overflowed and burned. Therefore, there are some proven and good tips on how to clean and maintain your glass ceramic hob.

  1. For example, you sometimes have stains on the glass ceramic hob, which are very hard to burn off. Of course, there are special cleaners, but they are also relatively expensive. The tip for this is quite simple: spray some oven spray on the cold hob for a short time and then wipe with a damp cloth and polish dry. The plate or the hob, is clean, shiny and looks like new.
  2. If something burns on the ceramic hob and you just can not get it off, you can do the following: Simply pour some water on the hob and switch on the stove. Then carefully remove the coarse dirt with a glass ceramic scraper. Possibly. you have to add some water and if the dirt is dissolved, you should let the whole thing with a little water on the plate to cool, so not burn something again. Then wipe it off normally. This works great, without any detergent.
  3. A glass-ceramic cooktop can also be easily cleaned in another way without the use of a cleaning agent, using steel wool with a thickness of "00". This is the finest steel wool and there are no scratches on the hob. Even the opposite is described, even the slightest scratches have gone away. So, the hob is first cleaned normally with detergent and a rag and then the dry hob with steel wool aftertreated. It all the leftovers and stains away.
  4. A glass ceramic cooktop can also be protected and maintained by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly with paper towels or a dry cloth after brushing. It protects the hob from all burned stains, especially when cooking. Even the wiping of the hob with an oil care cloth for babies, protects and cares for this and makes it beautiful shine.

How to Clean Your Glass Stovetop! Kitchen Cleaning Ideas That Save You Time & Money (Clean My Space) | August 2020