Coffee with soy milk

For those who want to enjoy coffee (may want to do without sweetening and may not tolerate milk). Soy milk in the coffee is delicious! I did not want to believe that, but it's just great!

It is best if the soymilk is not too cold. Then it could be that she is clumping something. But this can be smoothed again by stirring well. So ... prefer to put out the soymilk before ... at room temperature ... this is how it works.

The result is a creamy taste that also impresses the die-hard sugar coffee drinkers.

Soymilk (cold) can be wonderfully frothed to a solid mass and thus you can make super latte macchiato or cappuccino.

Try it, it's really delicious! (modern cafés offer that too) and it also has a healthy side effect: soy milk is very good for the human organism, especially for the female ...

How to: make my everyday iced soy milk latte | September 2020