Creepy Halloween bags

"Creepy" disposable gloves as Halloween bags

I give the Halloween children who are ringing at the door rather packed bags, than just throw something in the held bags, then it does not have the "raid character" and you can dose it better than if you give them a bowl is holding out.

So far, I have always packed only transparent sachets. I found the closure foil labels for the sachets on the internet (just google for "Halloween free printables") and print, cut out, staple on, finished.

This year, I've come up with something special for the older kids. Everyone gets a "scary" disposable glove filled with sweets. Of course, they are all already packed so that no food comes into contact with the inside of the glove.

On the back of the glove I painted a spider with Permanent Marker and provided it with wobbly eyes. The glove filled with sweets and tied. I will prepare some of these Halloween gloves today.

So now I'm curious what the kids will say. I know most of them, at least by sight, who ring the bell, because they like to give themselves a little effort with decoration and sweets.

Creepy Halloween Ghost Seance! - DIY Halloween Decoration | September 2021