French spread "Rillette" - the fast version

When remnants of meat cooked in the oven are left over, you can quickly make a delicious rillette from it.

Ingredients for fast Rillette

Leftovers from roast (goose, duck, pork, etc.)
Finished lard (home-made or bought, according to the type of meat used, for poultry goose lard, otherwise lard)
1-2 juniper berries, 1-2 allspice granules, 2-3 bay leaves some thyme or marjoram preferably fresh
at the end some salt, pepper from the mill

The meat is plucked and added with the spices in a pot to the Schalz. So much lard that the meat is just now covered. Let it all together for a few minutes, then add salt and pepper from the mill.

Fill in jars or stoneware pots, place 1-2 laurel leaves on top and, after cooling down, enjoy with baguette or other types of bread, maybe also home-made.

Duck Rillettes Recipe - Slow Roasted Duck Confit Pate Spread | June 2020