Frutti di Mare in herb cream


Preparation time: 30 min.
Cooking or baking time: 30 min.
Total preparation time: 1 hr.

We love fish and seafood in all variations and so today there was Frutti di Mare and colorful tagliatelle.

It is in spite of the cream sauce to a light meal, which tastes very good especially at the time of very warm weather, without burdening the stomach too much. I can really recommend to cook the dish, it will certainly taste very good.

Ingredients for 2 persons

  • 400 g Frutti di Mare (I had TK goods)
  • 150 g of cream
  • 150 ml of white wine
  • chopped smooth parsley
  • chopped dill
  • 2 - 3 chopped garlic cloves
  • 1 to 2 shallots
  • 150 g tagliatelle


  1. Heat the clarified butter in a pan and sauté the shallots until they are glassy.
  2. Now add the seafood to the onions in the hot fat and heat with occasional stirring until the liquid is almost evaporated.
  3. Then add the chopped garlic, chopped dill and the chopped parsley to the pan and stir well with the seafood.
  4. Now everything is quenched with the white wine and it will be added herbal salt, pepper and the pinch of nutmeg.
  5. Now the cream is poured and can now cook over medium heat.
  6. In the meantime, the pasta water will boil, it will be salted and the pasta will be cooked for 8 - 10 minutes al dente.
  7. Then drain the pasta, melt some butter in the pot and add the pinch of nutmeg.
  8. Now the noodles come in, just stir and it can be done.

It tastes a delicious semi-dry and well-cooled white wine.

Good Appetite!

Seafood Pasta FRUTTI DI MARE & Green Herb Sauce | Bart van Olphen | June 2024