Got a bath ball for free? Make shower gel out!

You got a bath or an oil bath and you do not have a bath? Or your bath ball is broken? No problem, you can easily make a shower gel out of it.

All you need is:

your bath ball or oil bath

1/2 cup perfume-free shower gel (I have mine from the baby division of DM, Ultra-Sensitiv for ~ 2? The tube (but I think you can take any other perfume-free shower gel from any other company too.) I got it with the just try it!)

1 mixing bowl

1 fork

1 rolling pin or 1 rasp (the rasp takes an old one, I had to throw away mine because I did not get it clean)

1 shampoo or shower gel bottle, washed out

Freezer bag for the bathing ball

Step 1:
Put bath ball in the bag and pulverize with the rolling pin.

Carefully grate the oil bath with the grater. It is recommended to put the oil bath in the freezer for 1 hour otherwise it will melt in the hands.

Step 2:
Add the half cup of shower gel to the bowl, add the bath powder or oil razor and stir well with the fork. The mass should be stirred for about 5 minutes until any lumps are dissolved. The mass foams easily, gets a loose-airy-fluffy consistency and has a nice smell and a great color thanks to your bath ball.

Step 3:
Let the mass stand until the foam is gone and everything has settled. Then you can fill it in the shampoo bottle with the help of a funnel or another freezer bag.

As you can see, this is a pretty simple thing.

PS: I have not tried it yet with self-made bath balls on cocoa butter basis or other types of butter. By the bathing balls I mean the baked ones, which are e.g. at the vegetarian, English cosmetics chain gives (L * sh).

DIY: Turning bath bombs/bubble bars to shower gels! (Cruelty-Free products) | September 2020