Hair cure for dry, flaky scalp

Every dermatologist recommends honey for dry lips, especially in winter with heating air, to bring back moisture into the sensitive lip skin.

Why should not that work with dry scales? With greasy scales, this method is rather not suitable. As well as a fungus could be the cause, which then needs to be treated, so rather consult the dermatologist!

So I came up with a suitable treatment for my scalp, which helped me very well.

The base of my hair conditioner is 1 to 2 teaspoons honey and egg yolk (without the slippery cuticle, it is a little fumble stuff to remove that, but there are otherwise difficult rinsable lumps in the hair).

In winter you can sometimes add a third teaspoon of honey, especially if you have also used quark or yoghurt (see below).

The treatment is refined by additional supplements as needed, or desire and mood.

If the scalp is very dry, you can either add half a teaspoon of whole teaspoon oil - the skin of jojoba or St. John's wort oil will be particularly soft, but also almond oil, olive oil or a simple sunflower oil from the kitchen are suitable, as well as a whole tsp of liquid cream , The fat helps to keep the moisture stored by the honey longer in the skin.

Also well-suited for dry skin, 1 to 2 heaped TL cheese curd or yogurt, since the lactic acid bacteria contained therein help to stabilize the skin functions again. Both could also be combined well with the above oil addition.

Another, moisturizing factor can be incorporated by adding a little (1 Msp.) Of Dex-Panthenol or Urea (both from the pharmacy) here or there, or pure or concentrated Aloe Vera gel (eg from Spinnrad, or the pure juice of your own plant - but should then be an aloe barbadensis).

If you want a nice fragrance, you can also add a few drops of rose water, orange water (very hard to find, my last source has unfortunately dried up recently) or orange blossom water.

Of essential oils, I advise rather off - the too dry skin is already very sensitive, that would only irritate them unnecessarily.

I would also like to mention that the emulsifying effect of the yolk is quite sufficient to even clean the hair, even if half a teaspoon of oil has been added. Only if you take more oil or even quark or yogurt added, you should wash out (after 20-30 minutes exposure time under plastic hood and towel) but rather use a very small amount of shampoo.

The selected mixture - I vary a bit over and over again - I stir well and spread it well on my head with both hands. The indicated amount is sufficient for a short hairstyle, the longer the hair, the more you need, if the cure should be a complete hair wash at the same time. If it's just about the scalp, but then you get away with it.

For several years, I have been using this treatment at least twice a month, in winter even once a week. And trickling with me since then nothing more. However, if nothing improves after a few applications, I advise you to visit a dermatologist.

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