How vegetarians can cook meat dishes

For some years now, I have been eating pescetarian, which means I do not eat meat, but sometimes also fish. My partner likes to share with me the vegetarian dishes and rarely eats meat. The rest of the family likes to eat meat and so I cook meat dishes from time to time. This is easy to grilling, meat for the others, the vegetables for me and also more and more often for the sons with women.

At Easter, I prepared pork fillet with mushroom cream sauce and had the problem in advance: Who tastes the sauce?

Salads and vegetables were prepared and cold the day before and then I thought, I also prepare the mushroom sauce. So I fried the fillet on the day of the meal and added the finished sauce. This was previously tasted and I took away my portion of the sauce for myself.

It tasted all, was easier to prepare and I could also eat from the gravy. I'll keep it that way, even though my family likes my vegetarian dishes.

To understand my tip, I would like to explain once again how it is meant: When I was still eating meat, I seared this and then added vegetables in the same pot and cooked with the meat, the sauce. And of course seasoned. Since I no longer eat meat, I prepare the sauce completely extra and add it to the seared meat. So I prepare pork medallions, sliced ​​meat, roast and almost all dishes with meat and do not need anyone to taste the dish.