Make icicles from PET bottles

Small and large deco icicles can be easily made from PET bottles. I made her for my friend, she hangs her on her Christmas tree in the garden.

You need it

  • scissors
  • empty washed out PET bottle big
  • a candle
  • a needle or punch

That is how they are made

Step 1: Cut off the bottom and top of the bottle

Cut off the bottom and top of the bottle. This is best done with a cutter, but even a good knife works.

 Cut off bottom and top of the bottle

Step 2: Cut strips of equal width

Then you cut about the same width strips from the middle part of the bottle.

Cut equal wide strips

Step 3: Cut the strips

These strips are then cut round at the top and down to a point with the scissors.

Cut the strips

Step 4: Make icicles from the strips

Now ignite the candle and hold one strip near the flame, just so that enough heat reaches the plastic, do not hold it in the flame, otherwise the plastic will turn black.

Now all you have to do is turn up from the top. The heat of the flame is very fast. It took me 2 tries to get it out (turning technique). Then it goes on fast, until you have the desired number of icicles. Do not panic, I did not burn myself, because the plastic cools down super fast and gets hard.

Make icicles from the strips

Make an Icicle? I'll show you how! | July 2020